Company Profile


Jingmen Likangyuan Textile Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 with register capital of RMB 20 million Yuan. It is a joint-equity enterprise taking agricultural support as basis, sulfur chemical and fluorine chemical as fundamental and fine chemical as development direction. Our company covers over 170mu. There are more than 180 employees and fixed assets of RMB 120 million Yuan. It is located in Hubei Shayang Economic Development Zone. There is convenient highway and waterway transportation, unique resources. Major business: 120000tons/year industrial sulphuric acid, 200000tons/year calcium superphosphate, 100000tons/year high concentration compound fertilizer, 100 tons/year methyl fluoroacetate, 100 tons/year ethyl fluoroacetate, 100 tons/year Chloroacetonitrile and 10000 tons/year ammonium hydrogen sulfite.

In 2008, our company made development planning of energy saving, environmental protection, technology innovation and harmonious development. Our first-stage project: 120000 tons/year brasses acid manufacturing and 10000 tons/year sulfamic acid engineering; our second-stage project: 300 tons/year fluorine chemical and medical intermediate project; our third-stage project: cogeneration engineering; our fourth-stage project: 100000 tons/year monoammonium phosphate engineering. The first-stage, second-stage and third-stage projects have been put into operation. And the fourth-stage project is under construction. It is estimated a modern circular economy chemical park will be developed, with annual value of production of RMB 200 million Yuan.

In new project construction, our company emphasizes on comprehensive utilization of resources and energy sources. We construct projects of ammonium hydrogen sulfite and sodium hydrogen sulfite product, cogeneration set and iron ore concentrate, by taking use of exhaust gas, waste heat, tailings and pyrite roasting residue. And fine economic benefit and social benefit has been formed. Our company has been awarded of many honors, for example, State Superior Agricultural Chemical Enterprise, Hubei Province Customer Satisfied Enterprise, Hubei Province Trustworthy Enterprise and Hubei Famous Brand.

In recent years, our company gives great impetus to independent innovation and technology improvement. We implement industry-university-research cooperation system and cooperate with Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan Chemical Research Institute and Shanghai Tianzhou Pharmaceutical Science Co., Ltd. In future, we will continually improve product quality in order to serve all colleagues better.

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